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GG Sushi Offerings

GG Sushi offers an extensive range of Grab-and-Go sushi options. With a dedicated commitment to delivering an affordable and delicious Japanese cuisine, we provide a comprehensive selection of sushi to cater to a diverse range of tastes and busy lifestyles.

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Aburi Sushi

Explore modern Japanese flavours with GG Aburi, where we torch the top of the sushi to impart a unique grilled flavour.

GG Inari.png


Enjoy sweet and savoury GG inari that features a pocket of seasoned tofu filled with sushi rice and other ingredients.

GG Onigiri.png


Known as a traditional Japanese snack made with rice, delicious fillings, and wrapped in seaweed.

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Hand Rolls

Experience GG handrolls which are always crafted with care. Our handrolls feature a perfect blend of rice, delectable fillings, and crisp seaweed wraps.

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