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Partner with Us

Partner with GG Sushi and elevate your business alongside our esteemed Grab-and-Go Japanese cuisine. If you represent a business seeking to enhance your product offerings with the authentic, approachable, and delectable flavors of Japan, we cordially invite you to consider a partnership with us.

Why choose GG Sushi for your business?


Offer an expanded menu for your customers with new and exciting products while attracting a wider audience.

We offer convenience at its best, specializing in grab-and-go options that provide a hassle-free solution for your customers.

Work with our team of culinary experts and professionals as we take care of all product development, constantly striving for perfection.

Our streamlined operational systems makes it easy for you to integrate GG Sushi products into your business. From seamless deliveries, to user-friendly packaging, we ensure a stress-free experience for both your staff and customers.

At GG Sushi, it’s a win-win collaboration from the start. That’s why there are no upfront fees or financial risk when choosing to offer our products in your establishment.

How to partner with us

If you’re ready to elevate your business with GG sushi, simply reach out to our dedicated partnership team. We’re committed to creating mutually beneficial relationships and working together to bring a modern taste of Japan to your customers.

Contact us today to discuss how GG Sushi can be the perfect addition to your business.

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